Our Exclusive Services

At Comms4dev we seek the best for our customers



Message & Social Media Strategy Development

We help clients develop key messages that communicates the vision of the organisation for website development content, documentary video content, press releases, social media platforms, etc. We also develop tailored social media strategies for organisations


Social Media Management and Training

We provide our clients with managing their company’s social media accounts. We also provide training for client’s employees


Online Branding

Digital platforms have a dedicated audience who prefer diverse methods of interaction. We assist you establish a strong brand online to position you meet potential audience/customers who would buy into your message and catapult your impact online as you engage!


Event Coverage

We provide our clients with live social media updates at events.


Advisory Services

We offer our clients the opportunity to understand the most relevant medium to choose to the organisation’s story. We assist organisations to find answers to questions such as: Is social media relevant for our work? How can we leverage on social media to achieve our organisational vision? Which social media platform should we use? We also advise organisations to develop strategic social media strategies and social media policies.


Other Services

Web Design & Development, Social Media Policy and Digital Marketing